Google Meet Breakout Rooms

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google meet breakout iconBreakout rooms are not a native feature of Google Meet at this point in time.  However, with a few minutes of prep time, it’s possible to simulate a breakout room by combining Google Classroom, Google Sheets or Docs, and Google Meet.  For this technique, some familiarity with Google Classroom is helpful.

 Teaching Strategies Teaching Strategies

Small Group Instruction

Consider using breakout rooms to have students engage in work around a specific topic. Teachers could assign rooms with a topics that pertain to  a unit or theme,  students could research the topic and report back to the larger Meet room.

Teachers could schedule rooms to work with students on specific skills they are struggling with.

Teachers could provide students with similar questions or topic and have them meet in rooms to discuss their thoughts and then bring the students back together to share their findings. Teachers may want to consider providing students with roles  (note taker, presenter, time keeper etc.) to manage the work.

 Features & Functions  Features & Functions

There are three basic steps in creating a Google Meet Breakout Room.

Step 1. Create separate meetings for each breakout room required.

Step 2. Post unique Meet Links to a Google Slides or Docs to share with students.

Step 3. Create a Google class & post Google Slides or Docs to class.

Creating Separate Google Meetings

  1. Open a blank Google Slides or Docs.
  2. Open Google Meet.
  3. Click Join or Start a Meeting.
  4. Enter the name of meeting.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Copy the URL in the search bar.
  7. Copy link to the Google slide or doc.
  8. Follow steps 2-7 for each breakout session required.

create separate meets

Creating a Google Class to Post Google Meet Links

  1. Open Google Classroom.
  2. Click the + sign in the upper right corner & click Create Class. Enter an appropriate name for the class.
  3. Click Classwork. Click Create.

    create classwork

  4. Select Material and add an appropriate title (i.e. Breakout Rooms).
  5. Click Add to add the Google Slides or Docs with the Google Meet Links to the class.

Once your students are in the class, they can click the appropriate breakout link assigned to them. 

As a teacher, you can keep all the meeting tabs open and pop in and out of the breakout rooms as appropriate to check-in with the students.

Teaching Tips iconTeaching Tips

Using Names

Consider using student names when naming a breakout room so the students can visibly see what breakout room they’ve been assigned to.

Enhancing with Graphics

Think of adding graphics to the slide or doc to make the breakout meeting link more visual or meaningful.

Facilitating Discussions

Anticipate the need to facilitate and monitor different breakout rooms (Google Meet sessions). Have a strategy for assigning specific roles (timekeeper, recorder, team leader). Be sure you have the proper facilitation needed for each separate Meeting.

Ending Breakouts

If you wish students to “rejoin” a Meet as a whole class or group, be sure you properly end each breakout room meeting so students can’t rejoin.

Note:  See Creating a secure setup for how to properly end a Meet.