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TLI Special Event - NYSCATE Cybersecurity Action Summit - July 14, 2020

Creating a Culture of Privacy

The P-20 Cybersecurity Action Summit is designed to gather and educate all education stakeholders concerned about cybersecurity, data privacy, and the impact of the new requirements of Ed Law 2-d on educational institutions. Attendees will learn about the strategies and practical tools needed to create a culture of privacy. As the education landscape continuously changes, it is imperative we build skills to pivot in response to current challenges.  (1 free seat for TLI members.  MLP Registration Link Below.)

Learn about the:

·         responses before, during, and after a cyber attack

·         benefits of cybersecurity insurance and compliance

·         importance of an effective cybersecurity plan and the NIST framework

·         requirements for educating and training faculty and staff

·         latest tools and resources available to understand and implement Ed Law 2-d

Outcomes: Each participant will be able to: 

·         responses before, during, and after a cyber attack

·         Answer the questions: 

    • “What is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework?“ 
    • “Why is it important to your organization in response to NYS Ed Law 2-d and the part 121 regulations? ” 

·         use the NIST CSF to support their role in response to the new cybersecurity landscape. 

·         leave with a roadmap to assist in the development of an action plan for their district.     

Registration & Pricing: 

                  1 FREE seat with TLI membership Register MLP (available soon)

                  $85.00 per seat over first seat  - TLI members (available soon)

                  $99.00 per seat - Non-TLI members register on NYSCATE website


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