eDoctrina- OBSeRVE & SLO

eDoctrina OBSeRVE & SLO

*Instructional software purchased through the LHRIC includes a professional service from our experienced staff.

About this Service

eDoctrina is a product that has a suite of tools to assist with teaching and learning in K-12 schools. eDoctrina’s Teacher Observation Tool and Student Learning Objective tools can assist schools in monitoring and tracking teacher observations and SLOs.

OBSeRVE is eDoctrina’s user-flexible Teacher Observation software tool. With its ease-of-use, ability to be customized and affordability, this module takes the process of recording and tracking observation data to the next level.

Improve teacher observations-

OBSeRVE makes the observation process more effective & efficient. Its flexibility helps support shorter, formative observations in addition to traditional, summative evaluations. Reporting helps quickly identify areas of need (to be addressed by professional development).
Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) & Student Growth Objectives (SGOs)

Although student growth is gratifying to watch, it can be tricky to measure. But that’s exactly what many states are attempting. The result? Complicated mandates that can be difficult for districts to manage. eDoctrina to the rescue!  Our student-growth tool has been hailed as time (and hair) saver by many districts throughout the country.

It can be used by teachers and/or administrators. Different states have different mandates. eDoctrina allows either teachers or administrators (or both) to collaborate on SLO creation.

LHRIC Contact

Northeastern Regional Information Center (NERIC), Albany NY
Sara Gavens
Program Coordinator II/Instructional Services