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3/6/2024-MTSS & Data Dashboard Conference; LHRIC-450 Mamaroneck Ave, Harrison
Together, we will explore best practices and solutions that have worked for other districts as they analyze, revise, and implement their MTSS process. With a focus on eduClimber, we'll review key features and the benefits of Screening Assessments, Progress Monitoring, and Data Dashboard Solutions. Breakfast and lunch will be served by our sponsors at Renaissance. Bring your questions and ideas, and be ready to share with your neighboring districts! Reserve Your Seat Now!

3/14/2024 - I-Ready User Group; LHRIC-450 Mamaroneck Ave, Harrison
Join us to dive into your data following your mid-year Diagnostic and learn about the latest research on student learning. We’ll have opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from neighboring districts to refine our practices in using data to inform instruction, explore strategies to engage all stakeholders, and plan for continued instructional impact. Leaders, teachers, coaches, and specialists are all encouraged to attend! Light refreshments and lunch will be served. Reserve Your Seat Now!

Did You Miss Recent Vendor Spotlight Sessions with Kahoot and SeeSaw? 
Feel free to watch the recaps from our Software Spotlight Sessions channel on our Model Schools Video on Demand page.

Did You Miss "Data Collection to Support Technology Plan Evaluation?" 
This seminar was designed specifically for New York districts that identified "surveys” as their main data collection method related to the NYSED-mandated evaluation component of each of their 2022 - 2025 district technology plans. Whether a district had a particular survey instrument in mind, or perhaps hoped to develop a survey "at some point” before it was required, this webinar will help focus a district's time and effort on implementing surveys that generate meaningful evaluation data in the most time-effective manner. Co-hosted by LHRIC and Jeff Sun from Sun Associates who brings over two decades of program evaluation experience to instructional technology. Watch the Live Seminar Recording


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TELL AWARDS - 4/10/24- Edith Macy Conference Ctr.

 TELL Awards   
An evening event honoring leading and learning in the region.

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Join Sessions and Events from LHRIC and Vendor Partners

  • Virtual/ Online event

    Provided by NYSCATE: Respons-Able Educator Certification

    Winter New York Educator Cohort . The program is asynchronous self-paced online learning in combination with two (2) synchronous online cohort gatherings. The Respons-Able Educator Certification (REC) is a whole new way to help teachers embed and implement digital citizenship elements in their classroom. Based on tens of thousands of hours teaching digital citizenship to students, this professional learning helps teachers build skills in not only their students, but themselves. The REC program addresses digital citizenship holistically, covering topics such as media literacy, communication, the digital economy and more. It has downloadables, lesson plans, videos and other guides that teachers can use long after they finish the program. With 10 self-study asynchronous modules, teachers who complete REC can earn be school digital leaders, changing the culture and education around digital citizenship. 15 CTLE credits available from completing this course

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    LHRIC Instructional Technology
  • Virtual/ Online event

    Nurturing Academic Integrity in the Age of AI (Online, Self Paced)

    AI technology has brought forth transformative possibilities for teaching and learning. However, along with its benefits, AI also presents new challenges in maintaining academic integrity. This workshop is designed to equip educators with the ability to integrate AI strategies and tools while nurturing the fundamentals of authenticity, ethics, and originality.

    NOTE: This course is 100% online and will take approximately 6 hours to complete. This course begins on March 25, 2024, and participants have until June 15 to complete all required assignments and activities to receive CTLE credit.

    LHRIC Model Schools utilizes the Schoology Learning Management System. Upon registration, you will receive a welcome message from your instructor with information on how your course works, what you can expect, how to get help along the way, and steps you need to take to enroll.

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    LHRIC Instructional Technology
  • Virtual/ Online event

    Discerning Fact from Fiction: Fostering Students' Critical Thinking Skills to Detect Deep Fakes

    In an era where reality and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined, the ability to discern fact from fiction has become a critical skill. This webinar is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to teach students how to recognize and analyze deep fakes. Participants will be able to guide their students through the complexities of a digital landscape where truth can be manipulated.

    Registered participants will receive webinar instructions prior to session start.

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    LHRIC Instructional Technology
  • Virtual/ Online event

    Vendor Spotlight: Skill Struck

    Join us for an overview of the latest and greatest with Skill Struck! We will walk through updates to the Skill Struck platform including new AI tools and resources, an overview of our Computer Science resources, and more. Towards the end of the session, all participants can create their own demo account and explore Skill Struck's in-depth resources. Registrants will receive a Zoom link prior to the session.

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    LHRIC Instructional Technology
  • Virtual/ Online event

    Drive Student Engagement & Achievement with Defined Learning

    Learn how Defined Learning helps teachers engage students in hands-on career-connected learning opportunities excite students about the future and empower them to build the future-ready skills they need to succeed.

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    LHRIC Instructional Technology
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