Google Meet Screen Sharing

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google meet people iconGoogle Meet allows screen sharing on desktops, tablets and mobile devices by meeting hosts only, or also by hosts and participants. Teachers can share anything they view on their computer with students by screen sharing their entire computer desktop or just a single application like a web browser, PowerPoint, or other software application.

 Teaching Strategies Teaching Strategies

Set the Stage. Start with a Plan.

Give an agenda or plan for each class by screen sharing a document or slide at the beginning of class. This gives students a clear idea of how the class will progress, what will be covered, and the activities they’ll engage in. You can begin with online etiquette and expectations of students for your virtual class this way as well!

Embrace the Pause

When sharing your screen, images, files or video, don’t move by too quickly. Give your students a moment to take in what you’ve shared.  Embrace the pause and take a moment after the end of your comments and allow for students to engage before continuing on.

Set Specific Guidelines & Expectations

At the beginning of each session, set the rules for students to be able to share, let them know that you will call on them when it is time to share and that you will let them know when to stop sharing.

Features & FunctionsFeatures & Functions

To Share Your Screen

Click the Present Now button in the lower right quadrant of your screen.

present now
Once you have clicked that button,  choose what part of your screen you would like to present. When in doubt, choose Your Entire Screen. This will ensure that your screen will be visible no matter what tab or application you currently have open and active.

Gm present choice 

Students can follow the same steps as teachers to present.

Stopping a Student from Sharing their Screen

When students share their screen, they appear as a second participant in the participant panel with a sharing icon and the word "Presentation" next to their name.

stop screen sharing

To end a student screen share without removing the student,  open the people window, open the "person" named "Presentation" and click the Remove icon.

To Stop Sharing Your Screen

To stop presenting, click the message window to return to your Google Meet screen.

stop sharing your screen

Click the Stop Presenting button.

stop presenting