Model Schools Core Plus: Optional Service for Member Districts

Model Schools Core Plus

NYS Model Schools logoThe Model Schools Core Plus Option is available for Model Schools member districts opting to take advantage of structured, job-embedded instructional technology peer coaching in-district for a cohort of teachers/instructional staff, involving:

  • participant skill acquisition
  • specific lesson development
  • co-teaching, reflection, revision
  • peer sharing/teaching.

Cohorts may be formed at the building or district level and are limited to 8 participants. Model Schools Member Districts have access to this service at an additional fee.

Key Elements of Core Plus

  • Cohort pre-flight planning meeting
  • Skills acquisition: addressing instructional technology skills and concepts that will lead to classroom application
  • Individual planning and lesson development: addressing specific instructional strategies and student needs
  • In-classroom support visits: our role in the classroom might vary based on the scenario, but we will either co-teach, shadow, or assist depending on the situation and directive of the teacher
  • Reflection and Revision: the debriefing conversations and meetings that follow the in classroom support visits
  • Cohort closing: each cohort member shares their learning portfolio with peers and administrators as part of a closing celebration.

Participants have the opportunity to interact with each other and LHRIC staff in an established online community for the duration of the cohort, and produce a short self reflection video to memorialize their own personal learning experience.

Interested in learning more about Model Schools Core Plus? Please contact Mary Lynn Collins-Callanan.