Web Conferencing

About This Service

Web conferencing or Online Conferencing is highly effective to support classroom instruction and administrative needs in schools. There are a variety of products and approaches to implementing video conferencing and many districts employ multiple solutions depending on the needs. The technology is relatively easy to use and offers flexibility in use and pricing. It is important that anyone using these solutions has adequate knowledge of the best way to implement them. Below you will find the solutions available through the LHRIC with an EdLaw 2d compliant contracts in place.

Regardless of the solution you are using, it is essential to be sure:

1) The district system administrator has put in place the governance and processes necessary to keep students, staff and participants safe.

2) Teachers are trained on the safety and security settings as well as additional features that can be used to engage students.

Web Conferencing for Board Meetings 
Open Meeting laws create an additional challenge for meetings using video conferencing tools.  There are several solutions and strategies that can be used to be sure to make these meetings available to the public without worrying about “Zoom Bombers” or other intruders getting in to and disrupting these meetings.  To learn more about how you can do this, contact Mary Lynn Collins-Callanan at mcollins@lhric.org.

HIPPA Compliance
Using video conferencing where HIPPA laws need to be adhered to poses yet another set of challenges. NYSED recommends that you contact the office of special education before engaging in any virtual meeting for guidance.

Zoom has a tool they have labeled HIPPA Compliant in their Medical Vertical solutions. There is no contract in place for this version of the software and it is likely it will not be available through the LHRIC until 20/21 if at all. To contact NYSED Office of Special Education follow this link: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/contacts.htm

Web Conferencing FERPA/EdLaw2d
FERPA and EdLaw 2d work together.  If your contracts are EdLaw2d compliant, they will also be FERPA compliant.  

Using Online Conferencing Tools - LHRIC Instructional Technology
The LHRIC Instructional Technology team has assembled a series of pages that include Teaching Strategies, Features and Functions and Teaching Tips for success. As schools and districts work to provide eLearning opportunities for students, teachers have an opportunity to leverage conferencing tools to enhance the learning environment. If your District uses Google Meet or Zoom, or any combination of the two, you will find everything you need for success, including sections for:

  • Preparing the Learning Environment (ensuring safer and more secure meetings)
  • Engaging students in an online class (using audio, video and chat features)
  • Options for Screensharing and annotating content
  • Opportunities for small group work (breakout rooms)
  • Continuation of learning: recording options and strategies

Online Conferencing Guidance - BOCES
This guide covers helpful information about all of the conferencing tools used in education and tip about using them.  https://sites.google.com/btboces.org/bocesofnewyorkstateonlineconfe/home?authuser=0