*Instructional software purchased through the LHRIC includes a professional service from our experienced staff.

About this Service

Atlas is designed to electronically encompass the entire process of curriculum enhancement in support of faculty, administrators and greater school community and is always customized to reflect a school’s pedagogy, academic standards and unique curricular needs. More than just an online curriculum repository, Atlas changes the paradigm of curriculum work from a cycle of documentation to a managed process for focused collaborative review and advancement.

Atlas personalizes the mapping journey by allowing each educator to easily pin meaningful reports to their own dashboard for at-a-glance access to information they need. Through a unique communication commons, the school community can start and join collaborative conversations vital to curriculum advancement.

Empowered to make complex curriculum decisions, all practitioners contribute to the overall process for advancing and improving the learning experience of all students. In summary, Atlas:

  • Is a powerful lens by which to follow your students’ journey.
  • Makes meaningful analysis of relevant curriculum information just a click away.
  • Brings everyone together around a focal point for collaboration.

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