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zoom participants iconThe participants window in a Zoom Meeting or Webinar provides the list of all attendees. Teachers (hosts) also have additional options to control and manage participants in their meeting thru the Participants panel including: assigning a Co-Host, Mute/Unmute All, view feedback icons and clearing these. A teacher may also remove someone from the meeting, turn off their video camera, or mute an individual's audio at any time.


 Teaching Strategies  Teaching Strategies

Plan & Prepare Co-Host(s)

If you are going to use a co-teacher or a student as a co-host, have a conversation prior to your Zoom class to discuss expected roles & responsibilities.

DON'T FORGET! Have them arrive early to the meeting so you can assign them as a co-host.

Discuss & Determine Norms

At the start of a meeting, have a conversation with students about expected protocols, routines, and norms for behavior and participation.

  • How will you handle questions?
  • How will everyone interact (i.e. wait to be called on, mute when other speaking, use the “Raise Your Hand” feedback icon, etc.)?
  • How and when will individuals be called on to unmute and speak to rest of class?
  • Will there be consequences for inappropriate behavior or use of audio/video?

Don’t forget to engage and solicit students in sharing their ideas & expectations for being together in an online class as well by having them post suggestions in the Chat. Ask students to use the feedback icons in their Participants window to demonstrate understanding (e.g. the Yes, No, Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, etc.).

Be Ourselves. Use Real Names

Be certain every individual listed in your Participants window has their full name listed and you recognize. As host, you have the ability to “rename” individuals (click the More button next to a name). You may also grant or restrict the ability for individuals to change their own names. Think of this as the equivalent of the student’s name card.

Share the Load

A perfect role for any Co-Host is to assist with managing the Group Chat in your meeting. A Co-Host can monitor and take note of questions, answer questions or provided directions where possible, bring common themes or comments forward to the attention of the teachers. 

 Features & Functions   Features & Functions

 participant list 

Understanding the Order of Participants

Zoom lists meeting participants in a unique and specific order.

• Host (You)
• Phone # without names (if joining by phone enabled or used)
• Unmuted participants (alphabetically)
• Muted participants (alphabetically)

MUTE/UNMUTE (all or individuals)

The Participants panel provides teachers (as hosts) with three useful options to manage their class during a meeting.

1. Mute All / Unmute All: A host and a co-host can mute participants mute or unmute all participants. Use the convenient buttons at the bottom of the Participants window.

2. Mute participants on entry: Automatically mute participants as they join the meeting. This is found under the More button at the bottom of the Participants window.

3. Allow participants to unmute themselves: during the Participants can unmute themselves if they want to speak to others in the meeting. This is found under the More button at the bottom of the Participants window.

Using Co-Hosts

Many times, teachers will hold Zoom classes together or simply want to have a  co-teacher, teaching assistant, or paraprofessional be part of their individual class meeting. Using Zoom’s ability to designate “co-hosts” allows you to designate any participant to help out or assist with managing your class meeting.

To use co-hosts, be certain that this feature is turned ON on your Zoom Account’s Settings > Meeting page.

 co-host toggle 

You can only assign a “co-host(s)” during a meeting. So you might want to start your class a little early, have a colleague join, and then set him or her up as a “co-host.” You can even have multiple “co-hosts” in any meeting. Co-hosts cannot start nor end a meeting but here are some common roles for co-hosts to consider.

  • Manage participants.
  • Start or stop the recording.
  • Mute or Unmute participants.
  • Enable/Disable participant audio or video.
  • Manage chat.
  • Admit participants from the Waiting Room.

If you ever need someone else to actually start the meeting, you can use Zoom's ability to setup an “Alternative Host” when scheduling the meeting from your Zoom account web portal.


1. Click the Manage Participants button in your meeting control bar.

 assign co-host 

2. Hover over the name of the participants who is going to be the co-host and click More.

3. Click on the Make a Co-Host option.

 make co-host 

Co-hosts do not have control of the following during a Zoom meeting.

• Can’t end meeting.
• Can’t make other participants co-hosts.
• Can’t start Breakout Rooms (or move participants from rooms).
• Can’t enable use of a Waiting Room. However, co-hosts are able to send participants back into the Waiting Room or admit participants from the waiting room to the meeting.
• Can’t start live streaming or closed captioning.