About Renaissance

is the leader in PREK—12 assessment and practice software. Renaissance helps educators like you ensure that all students reach their full potential. When using Renaissance, you will understand where your students are currently at in the New York learning progression, what they need to learn next, and have access to instruction and practice tools to get them to the next level.

*Instructional software purchased through the LHRIC includes a professional service Opens in a new browser tab from our experienced staff.

Accelerated Reader

ACCELERATED READER is a progress monitoring assessment software that monitors the practice of reading. Accelerated Reader 360 helps teachers meet key educational shifts with new tools they can use within their existing literacy blocks. The program continues to do what educators love. It motivates students to grow as goal-focused readers and enables teachers to set and monitor personalized goals. Yet, it adds new capabilities by layering instructional skills practice into leveled nonfiction articles.


FRECKLE is the best differentiation platform for K-12 teachers. Now you can reach every student at their level across subjects. Every classroom is made up of unique students who are all at different levels. Freckle’s differentiation platform makes it easy for teachers to reach each student at their own individual level—without having to spend extra time preparing many different lessons every day.Unlike adaptive programs that only offer practice in one subject, a differentiation platform is a one-stop shop for Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science. Teachers never have to search around for additional lessons or materials—everything they need is right in their dashboard. Every lesson within Freckle is available in different levels, so every student can learn and understand the material at their own level. No one gets bored or left behind, and everyone can participate in group activities and class discussions. Unlike adaptive programs, Freckle’s differentiation platform lets teachers differentiate both what and how students learn. This means that students are engaged at their academic level, on topics that interest them, while also learning in the way that’s best for them. Teachers and administrators can monitor progress at the individual, class, school, and district levels. Freckle’s reports make it easy for teachers to pinpoint where students’ gaps are and where they’re ready for enrichment, extension or intervention.


myIGDIs is specifically designed to help address this issue by giving preschool educators the decision-making tools they need in order to monitor growth throughout a child’s early years. For over a decade, IGDIs early childhood assessments have enabled early childhood and pre-k instructors to identify children at-risk of developmental delays early and monitor development gains often to help children become school-ready.


myON ensures all students can engage in the frequent, high-quality reading practice that fuels literacy growth with unlimited, 24/7 access to thousands of enhanced digital books and age-appropriate news articles.