Model Schools Core Service members have access to the BrightBytes Clarity platform. Clarity provides a reliable and research-based framework that enables districts to better allocate technology resources and respond quickly to the diverse needs of students and teachers.

Many school and district leaders working to “move the needle” and strengthen the impact of technology on student learning often wonder... 

  • How do we know what success looks like?
  • Where should we focus our efforts?
  • Which actions are most critical and will have the greatest impact? 
  • What strategies are simple and easy, yet also meaningful and effective? 
  • When and how can leadership teams provide the most influence and support? 

This year’s Leadership in Digital Learning program will explore these questions and examine how to turn analysis and insight into action and impact. Now is the time to leverage the data and insights available to you in ways that can “move the needle” and support your Smart School Bond initiatives, inform the development of your comprehensive technology and professional development plans, and further elevate the conversations surrounding education technology with your faculty, students, parents, school board members and community at large.

Digital Learning in the 21st Century Classroom

Webinar Series (Oct) and Field Research (Nov-Dec)

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We begin the year with a four-part webinar series exclusively for Model Schools Core Service member districts and their administrator leadership teams. Each webinar will explore a specific aspect of digital learning proven to indicate success in strengthening student learning as part of a 21st century classroom. Attendees will learn about an example from our region and take away a concrete set of “rapid” leadership strategies that are simple and easy, yet effective and meaningful. 

Webinars: Tuesdays in October (9:00-9:30am)
10/6/15 - Authentic Problem the Digital Classroom
10/13/15 - Online Collaboration the Digital Classroom
10/20/15 - Feedback the Digital Classroom 
10/27/15 - Creating Creativity the Digital Classroom 
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Each webinar will also have a companion “in the field” site visit. View the complete schedule for dates, times, and locations.


Clarity: Are You Making Progress? BrightBytes research data experts graphic
Date TBD

District curriculum and technology leadership teams can plan early to use this nuts-n-bolts working session as a mid-year progress review using YOUR Clarity data to analyze successes and challenges, consider possible modifications to your strategic plan, and consider a practical and achievable timeline for your next community data collection activities.

Clarity: Update Your Comprehensive Technology and Professional Development Plans
Date TBD

This full-day strategic work session will provide time for district's technology and curriculum partners to actively "look back," "look ahead," and "look around" with fresh perspectives and a refined sense of clarity regarding your district's technology initiatives, your NYSED Part 100.12 Instructional Technology Plan, future professional development priorities and goals, and your next community data collection activities.

Bring a partner or small team to this session focused on using your Clarity data to:

  1. Identify and define the focus areas for the Professional Development section of your tech plan.
  2. Update your Instructional Technology Plan Implementation section timeline, major milestones, and action items.
  3. Inform updates on progress in your Monitoring and Evaluation section.
  4. Create an outreach and communication strategy for how to use Clarity as a tool for change at both the district and building levels.

Sarah Martabano and Randy Hall will be on-hand for answering questions about using the NYSED Instructional Technology Plan online survey portal, analyzing and extracting insights from your Clarity data, and assisting with your team's overall planning process and making updates to your Part 100.12 Instructional Technology Plan.