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Model Schools Member Districts...did you know that as part of your Core Membership, we've been developing specific resources to support STEAM related themes and topics?


You have access to:

  • Robotics Playdates: hands on sessions designed to expose participants to various STEAM-related kits
  • Coding Workshops for various ages and platforms: we publish a variety of coding workshops that are part of our Core Catalog
  • NAO User Groups: NEW for 2016 - if you have one, you "get it"! Join LHRIC and your colleagues for insights and applications
  • NAO Customized Professional Development: available at our per diem rates; our team will work specifically with you to launch your NAO robot and find meaningful applications for students K-12.


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It takes a consortium to raise a NAO! If you find yourselves stumped by this small and complex  humanoid, you are not alone. Join LHRIC "Robot Whisperers" and others from around the region who have spent the past year learning the ins and outs of this fascinating creature. We will share stories, insights, best practices, and deep cut tricks. No matter where you are in your relationship with NAO, you are most welcome!


IMPORTANT: Participants are welcomed to bring their own NAO, provided that the robot has been successfully initialized and the Basic Channel installed.

DATES (Registration coming soon!)

November 16, 2016 4pm-5:30pm

December 8, 2016 4pm -5:30pm

January 11, 2017 4pm-5:30pm

Visit Our STEAM Buyer's Guide

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Welcome to the STEAM Buyer's Guide!

LHIRC IT has created this guide to assist educators in learning about new and exciting kits that support STEAM integration throughout various grade levels and subjects areas. We understand that navigating through all of the options can be time consuming and overwhelming and hope that you find this guide helpful.

Our STEAM Buyer's Guide: STEAM Kits for Educators is a resource that can be used to learn or plan for new Maker Spaces, or expand your existing STEAM toolkit. As we all know, technology is always expanding and transforming, as will this guide. The kits included are only listed to share popular tools used in the world of education as well as provide insight to how to apply and use them.

On this welcome page you will find additional key information, as well as a feedback section that we encourage you to use to help us continue to expand.

For kits available at LHRIC IT please visit our Playdates @ LHRIC IT page on this website.

Visit our New STEAM Buyers Guide: STEAM Kits & Resources for Educators.

Note: Some of the featured kits may not be available at LHRIC IT. This guide is to used to share the latest in STEAM related products most suitable for classroom application in an effort to save time and provide viewers to share related products used in regional schools.

This guide is for educational purposes only; inclusion of products does not represent specific LHRIC endorsement.

NAO Robot Services


This 3 hour session will give participants an overview of the hardware, software and resources available when using the NAO robot. The topics covered will give participants the information needed to properly care for the robot, create programs using Choregraph software and give teachers access to technical guides and educational resources.

The following topics will be reviewed during this session:

* Hardware Overview * Aldebaran Community & Store * Apps and Autonomous Life

* Robot Care * Choregraph Software Intro * NAO in Education