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  • A Lesson in Global Citizenship

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Model Schools Core

The Model Schools Core Service  NYS Model Schools logoprovides instructional technology professional development and other optional services for member districts. Membership in the Core Service is shared by over fifty districts in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland Counties. Through the Core Service, an annual catalog of events is published, consisting of workshops, special events, speakers, demonstrations, conferences and webinars focused on key regional issues and topics in instructional technology. By utilizing the Core Service, districts may send teachers, lab aides, and administrators to sessions where they can develop competencies that they can immediately bring back to their individual districts.

Membership includes:

  • Unlimited participation in professional learning sessions and webinars offered throughout the year at the LHRIC Facilities and satellite locations
  • Virtual instructional technology coaching using synchronous and asynchronous technology
  • Access to skilled instructional technology staff with a wide breadth of perspectives and experiences
  • Access to customized professional development for Member Districts, priced by published per diem rates and delivered by LHRIC Staff or LHRIC consultant
  • Access to specialized video and digital content, highlighting best practices from within our region
  • Access to Kickoff and End of Year events, punctuated by special guest presenters or events.

Model Schools Member Districts also may take advantage of Core Plus, an optional module that provides structured, job-embedded instructional technology peer coaching in-district for a cohort of teachers/instructional staff. Core Plus is available to Member districts for an additional fee.


Event registration is done via MyLearningPlan.  Model Schools professional development sessions are eligible for NYSED CTLE credit.

CATALOGS (Printable)

Two catalogs are published each school year; an annual catalog and a special summer edition.  Other adhoc events are scheduled throughout the year so be sure to check our website and MyLearningPlan updates. 

Core Plus & Customized Consulting

Optional coaching models are available upon request.  Two popular examples are listed below:



Model Schools Core Services celebrates its 50 member districts from across the Putnam, Rockland and Westchester Counties.  

Emerging Technology Shared Staff

For districts looking for a more integrated presence in an Instructional Technology Professional Development professional in their schools, the LHRIC offers the Emerging Technology shared staff service.

The Emerging Technologies service provides member districts with a certified professional to assist district instructional leaders in the visioning, planning and implementation of emerging technologies in support of student learning that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards as well as district goals and objectives.

Each professional in this service holds both administrative and teaching certifications as well as a variety of software certifications enabling them to fully support the district in moving identified initiatives forward.  These software certifications evolve quickly and include but are not limited to Google and Microsoft Office 365.  

The service is designed for these individual to be an extension of the district staff.  It includes in-depth planning with district administrators, teachers and other stakeholders; development of implementation strategies, and yearlong on-site professional development.

The service commitment is for a full school year as a shared staffing model two or three days per week.  Twelve days a year are reserved by the LHRIC for professional development ensuring staff stay current with quickly evolving technologies and provide the highest quality support available for districts.  The Emerging Technology Team are members of the Instructional Technology department and as such are supported by their peers making available a wealth of knowledge and resources beyond that of the individual working in the district when needed.

Membership in the Model Schools Core service is a pre-requisite for adding this service.