TLI: Technology Leadership Institute 2018-19

TLI Events 2018-2019


Register for TLI events at My Learning Plan.
For additional information about TLI please contact Sarah Martabano at or call 914-592-4203 x3411

About TLI

LHRIC's TLI program offers our districts the opportunity to come together to learn about, share ideas on, and discuss excellence in teaching and learning through technology.

Our efforts this year were also formed by our ability to expand upon our connections with vendors to allow you to be able to experience new technologies and how they have impacted teaching and learning. Several events will bring in many new as well as established vendors to help you plan out and realize your vision of your school district.

Participation in these various sessions will give you the best opportunity to maximize your membership. We continually invite keynote speakers from around the country that are thought-provoking and inspiring. The advantage is that you and other participants from your district will be able to attend sessions that otherwise would be outside of your reach due to the expenses of attending a national conference in a location that is too far to be feasible to attend.