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Maker's Empire

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Maker's Empire 3D Printing Learning Program makes it easy for schools to start utilizing 3D design and printing to engage students in active learning, enrich their learning experience, and enhance their understanding and mastery of abstract concepts. Maker's Empire provides:

  1. Lesson Plans/curriculum - where 3D design and printing can be used in classroom aligned with Common Coreand NextGen Science Standards
  2. 3D design software - so easy to use that teachers and students K-8 can create 3D designs in minutes
  3. Teacher's Portal - Providing teachers with tools so they can collect, evaluate and manage students’ designs
  4. Online Training - Enabling teachers to engage self-paced professional development with online resources
  5. STL file format - Keeping the 3D printing hardware agnostic so it works with many different 3D printers

With Maker's Empire teachers and students can accomplish 3D design without any expensive software, extensive training or prior technical knowledge or experiences.

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