Instructional Technology Professional Development/Coser Information

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Instructional technology professional services and instructional software are provided in compliance with NYSED COSER and LHRIC Service #'s. These services are eligible for BOCES aid from New York State.  





COSER #: 6360 | LHRIC Billing #: 510

Required Service: Model Schools and Network Support

Service Categories: Instructional software licenses and associated support.


COSER #: 6368 | LHRIC Billing #: 554

Required Service: None

Service Categories: Professional development planning, coordination, and delivery.

Comprehensive technology planning design, implementation, and evaluation.


COSER #: 5877 | LHRIC Billing #: 444

Required Service: None

Service Categories: Distance education and online learning software licenses and associated services.

Video conferencing and video on demand equipment, warranties, and associated services.



COSER #: 7710 | LHRIC Billing #: 611

Required Service: None

Service Categories: Management software licenses and associated services. This is for software that is not for student use such as curriculum mapping, teacher evaluation, and non instructional portions of district and school web sites.