iLit- Core Reading Program


  • iLit 45
    •  iLit45 is a literacy intervention program for grades 4 and up who lack basic reading and writing skills. iLit 45 supports struggling readers in a class period of approximately 45 minutes. iLit45 delivers explicit reading instruction but at a level commensurate to adolescent interests and experiences. It can complement or replace your core ELA curriculum.
  • iLit 20
    • iLit20 is a supplemental literacy program that helps address these challenges and build reading stamina and confidence. Offers over 5000 digital tiles for student to read.
  • iLit ELL
    • iLitELL is a single, easy-to-manage solution that supports all English learners, including newcomers and long-term ELs. It accelerates English language development through a brilliant mix of strategic scaffolding, interactive content, visual aids, academic vocabulary support, survival vocabulary for newcomers, and home language help. Use iLitELL to supplement or replace your ELA curriculum for a dedicated class period.

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