A Lesson in Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship in LHRIC's ALCA group of teachers and technology education professionals from across the region gathered at the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center’s Active Learning Center Jan. 31 to learn how to pass on the lessons of global citizenry to their students and to becoming global citizens themselves by opening up their classrooms to an array of conversations with people around the world.

Led by the LHRIC’s instructional technology facilitators Alyssa Arroyo and Raheela Baig, the full-day session was intended to give educators an understanding of the importance of global citizenship in the classroom, which aims to build upon the values of respect, empathy and tolerance, all of which are needed in an increasingly globalized society.

The workshop also provided them with the digital tools they will need for world exploration and collaboration, as well as hands-on activities and other resources that students can tap into.

Giving teachers ways to build such a culture within their classrooms and fostering leadership skills among their students was also part of the thought-provoking session.

Before the day began, participants gathered in a circle to share their goals for the day. They all agreed that an education in global citizenry was important to students in a rapidly changing world, with one teacher describing it as the “gateway to more understanding of people and places not familiar to oneself.”

Participants shared their thoughts about creating such an initiative in their classrooms, stressing the need to be connected to the world through social media, the importance of building a personal learning network, following blogs and sharing progress with other teachers.

Others felt global citizenship could be included in all subject areas. Starting out small at first and building a culture in the classroom before branching out to different communities were all strategies that teachers discussed.