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 *Instructional software purchased through the LHRIC includes a professional service from our experienced staff.

About this Service

There are several options available that provide a partial or holistic approach to professional development for districts in support of a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) implementation. All professional development coaches assigned to these implementations hold current Google Certification.   Reminder:  If you district has not signed the supplemental Google EdLaw2d documents that work with your districts existing Google license agreement, and would like to, please email

Model Schools Instructional Technology - We offer workshops, webinars, blended and flipped courses, on site Core Plus Cohorts and customized professional development.  The flexibility of these programs are well suited to meet the needs of teachers and administrators when implementing Google Apps for Education in schools and in the classroom.  For information about professional development coaching, contact Leslie Accardo at or (914) 592-4203.

Cloud Application Support (CARS) - This service, a partnership with the Instructional Technology Department and the Remote Support Services is designed to support the technical side of setting up (on boarding), implementing and supporting a district's Google Domain.  This service includes planning and exploration meetings to help districts determine scope and sequence for converting fully or partially to a Google domain.  For information about the technical aspects of setting up and supporting Google Apps For Education (GAFE), contact John DiChiara at or (914) 592-4203.

Google Calendar and Google Mail for Support Staff - Training for support staff in Google Mail and Google Calendar are provided by the Instructional Technology staff.  For information about professional development, contact Mary Lynn Collins-Callanan at

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