Embracing A.I. In Your District

Embracing A.I. In Your District:
Developing Your District Beliefs, Vision and Practices

A Workgroup for District leaders and leadership teams

Sponsored by: LHRIC Instructional Technology Department & ISTE & ASCD

Program Information

As we continue to understand the power of Artificial Intelligence, our districts are challenged with
preparing students for an AI driven world. District leaders are being asked by teachers, parents, students
and community members about their “position” on AI. Over the next few months, we invite our
Model Schools Member districts to embark on a transformative journey where we will dive deep into
key considerations of AI integration, the implications for teaching and learning, safe usage, and
operational efficiencies necessary for our school community.

This hybrid professional learning experience will focus on the following outcomes:

• Develop a clear understanding of artificial intelligence and its impact on workforce trends. 
• Define the skills and strategies students will need in an AI-prevalent world.  
• Explore how AI can supplement and enhance teaching and learning experiences.  
• Consider potential risks related to privacy, ethics, and bias. 
• Determine principles for shaping district-level guidance to help inform policy-making
updates and/or creation. 

Complete Offering:

1 @ On-Site, Full Day Professional Learning: November 3, 2023 

The onsite professional learning session will set the foundation for follow-up virtual coaching
sessions that will include collaboration across districts working toward developing guidance for
their communities related to the integration of AI. 

3 @ 90-minute Coaching Sessions: November 17, December 1, and December 15, 2023

The group will determine the topics for the three sessions at the end of the initial onsite day.
These sessions are intended to take place over several weeks to allow time for learning, reflection,
and action in between sessions. 

1 @ Half Day On-Site Professional Learning: January 19, 2024 

In a final onsite ½ day, we will also have the opportunity to celebrate our learning and the
resources developed. We will share and provide feedback on the deliverables developed and
discuss implementation strategies, including professional learning for educators, communication
with internal and external community members, etc. 

As members of the LHRIC’s Model Schools we hope you will take advantage of this program
and consider bringing district leaders to this important series. 

All sessions on-site will be held at the SWBOCES/LHRIC site: 450 Mamaroneck Avenue in Harrison, NY

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