Technology Planning and Coordination

NYSED Technology Planning Update 2018/21 (updated 01/11/18)

The NYSED has updated the Technology Planning Survey Tool for the planning period 2018/2021.  This revamped tool is used to as a planning resource for districts and ensure compliance with the part 100 regulations (100.12

The agency embarked on a redesign of the survey tool which is now being referenced as a framework.  The purpose being to emphasize a focus on qualitative information and to make the tool more useful using a comprehensive strategic planning process.  The three major changes are:

  1. Shift from quantitative to qualitative information collection.  Quantitative relating to technology will be included in future iterations of the BEDS reporting process.
  2. Shift from a summary of vision and goals to explicit vision, goals and action items.
  3. Shift from full plan evaluation to individual goal evaluation.

The NYSED Guidance for the framework is available here.

Join us for an informational webinar on Monday, February 12th at 10:00 a.m.  To register, click here:

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Timeline and RIC Review Calendar

December 15, 2017 - Technology (Survey) Framework Guidance Published on NYSED Website -

January/February, 2018 - NYSED Portal opens for plan submission.

February 12, 2018 - Information Webinar.  Recorded Webinar:

Spring, 2018 - Technology Plans Review Schedule begins by local RIC Review Team  (see schedule below).

October 26, 2018 - All RIC Approved Technology Plans submitted in the NYSED portal.

RIC Review Process & Calendar

Plans should be submitted to the RIC Review Team in the portal allowing adequate time for modifications and revisions based on the schedule below.  Plans can be submitted for review anytime but will only be reviewed on the dates below.

             April 5 and 25 ~ May 9 and 23 ~ June 13 and 29 ~ July 25 ~ August 22 ~ September 13 and 27 (final date)


Services Available

The Instructional Technology department of the LHRIC has three service related support opportunities for interested members of the consortium.  Model Schools Core Membership is a requirement to engage in these services:

Consulting for Technology Planning

This service provides a skilled leaders to help plan and facilitate the technology planning process in the district.  This is a per diem service that includes a needs analysis and implementation planning session to determine the scope of the need and articulate a approach to planning.  Cost:  Per diem.  Varies based on district need.

Technology Support Specialist Shared Staff

The service provides for a two or three day a week leader who is experienced in the various aspects of the Technology Department in a district.  These shared staff members are intended to help district technology leaders in support of the district technology plan vision, mission and goals of the instructional technology plan. Cost:  Shared staff.  Varies depending on district need

Evaluation of Technology Plans and Goals

The Brightbytes clarity platform is provided as part of the membership benefits to all Model Schools member districts.  This took is one essential key in to help districts measure and develop continuous improvement plans to ensure technology has a positive impact on teaching and learning.  Cost:  Included in annual Model Schools membership