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Field Guide CoverJUST RELEASED!
Field Guide: Clarity & Your NYSED 100.12 Tech Plan

Get your copy of this crosswalk guide for districts and schools using the BrightBytes Clarity Platform and working to complete their NYSED 100.12 Instructional Technology Plan. Includes recommendations for six (6) sections of the NYSED Instructional Technology Plan online survey and where to locate analysis and insights from your Clarity data related to each.

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The Best Decisions are made with Clarity...The BrightBytes Clarity platform translates complex analyses and cutting-edge research into fast ACTIONS that improve student learning.

Research data venn diagramDistricts can easily evaluate the effectiveness and build an improvement plan using the platform, included as part of the Model Schools annual membership fee.  NYSED requires two annual evaluations of district Comprehensive Technology Plans in compliance with the Commissioners' regulations 100.12.  Clarity makes evaluation and improvement easy and effective to do.


Leadership for Digital Learning logoVisit the Clarity Leadership for Digital Learning (L4DL) program website for complete details on last year's webinar series and other program activities.


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