A-Z Product List

Supported vendors/products are listed in alphabetical order.

21-22 Instructional and Administrative Digital Solutions PreK-12

All of the vendors listed below have an EdLaw 2d Contract in place for the 21-22 Contract Year including the renewal. If you are not sure if we offer a specific product or title, please use the Search function (icon on top right of screen). This list is organized by Vendor.

Support Types

Kiosk: This level of support includes vendor contracting, Ed Law 2d contract compliance, billing and procurement, on demand user groups.

Basic: This level includes Kiosk support (above), plus email and phone support.  

Professional Learn: Includes Kiosk and Basic support (above), plus one day of onsite professional development — to be used across any of the software titles in this group.


Support Type Key:  * Kiosk    **  Basic    Professional Learn

Submit your Instructional Software Request via the  LHRIC Instructional Technology Software Request Form > 


SW BOCES Library Services

Click here for the list of databases that are supported by SW BOCES Library Services. For information,  please contact Pam Berger, Supervisor of the School Library System at pberger@swboces.org  or 914-592-4203.

PNW BOCES  Library Services

Click here for the list of databases that are supported by PNW BOCES Library Services. For information, please contact Joe Mannozzi, Coordinator, School Library System and Professional Library at jmannozzi@pnwboces.org or 914-248-2392.