For more than a decade, Achieve3000 has supported the individuality and potential of every student by reaching them where they are to help them reach higher levels of reading and writing proficiency.

Our fundamental belief is that literacy unlocks achievement, and that the key to improving literacy is differentiated instruction. Today, Achieve3000 is the leader in differentiated online instruction, serving more than one million students across the United States. 

Achieve believes:

  • That the challenge of so many students being unprepared for college and career absolutely must and can be solved
  • That every child — talented kids, ELL kids, special needs kids, gifted kids, all kids — deserves equal opportunity to reach higher
  • That, in order to reach higher, every student needs to and can read and write above level — and that this is the surest path to self-esteem, intrinsic motivation and academic/lifelong success
  • There is no such thing as an underachieving student — every student is ready and able to start achieving
  • That Web-based differentiated instruction using nonfiction content and real-time Lexile assessment is the difference maker. Our customers believe this as much as we do. The students and parents we touch believe it even more.