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AccelerateU logo *Instructional software purchased through the LHRIC includes a professional service from our experienced staff. 

About this Service

Online education program for high school and adult learners in New York State; all courses taught by New York state-certified teachers.  Online courses set themselves apart from the traditional lecture-style classroom with the addition of interactive components. Students work independently on a  full range of online courses anytime, any place, at any pace. These courses are lead by certified NY State teachers and are NYSED approved for initial credit and credit recovery. Enrollments are accepted at any time.


LHRIC Contact

Daren KhairuleDaren Khairule
Support Coordinator

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  • Courses can be used for initial credit and credit recovery
  • Enrollments are accepted all year long
  • Courses led by NY certified teachers, as teachers of record
  • Courses meet NYSED Part 100.5d regulations
  • New electives support new 4+1 Pathways initiative
  • Courses are suitable for students of varying abilities
  • Students can be enrolled within one business day
  • Districts receive state aid on courses