• A Lesson in Global Citizenship

    Building respect, empathy and tolerance among today's students is just one part of the global citizenship curriculum.  Click here to learn more about this workshop held in LHRIC's Active Learning Center (ALC) & check the Model Schools Catalog for future course offerings.

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  • Have you seen our LHRIC/eChalk Help page?

    Click here to find valuable resources that our team has created as a result of work within the region!

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  • TLI Winter Event

    On January 20th, attending TLI members analyzed strategic approaches to support trending & emerging tools in today's classroom.  Click here to read more!

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  • LHRIC announces a partnership with Tech 4 Learning in support of Wixie!

    For more information regarding Tech 4 Learning, please see our *new* product page for Wixie. 


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  • LHRIC announces a partnership with McGraw Hill for Redbird Mathematics!

    For more information regarding Redbird Mathematics, please contact Mary Lynn Collins: or Bobbi Baker:

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  • LHRIC announces a partnership with Lexia Learning!

    For more information regarding Lexia, please contact Bobbi Baker: & Mary Lynn Collins:

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  • Active Learning Center @ LHRIC

    What does the "classroom of the future" look like?  How can space and environment enable learning? Click Here to learn more and see how you can visit our Active Learning Center (ALC).

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  • Model Schools 2016-2017 Catalog Released!

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  • Nominate Teachers NOW!

    Do you know an innovative teacher passionate about leveraging technology to promote authentic problem solving, online collaboration, feedback, or student creativity?  The LHRIC is seeking innovative and passionate teachers with stories, experience, and classroom practices to share with other teachers focused on the following technology themes:

    --authentic problem solving
    --online collaboration
    --creating creativity

    Nominate a Teacher Today!


    Leadership for Digital Learning (L4DL)


Nearpod logo
*Instructional software purchased through the LHRIC includes a professional service from our experienced staff.

About This Service

Nearpod School Edition  strives to support teaching and learning through collaborative, interactive, and shared experiences with technology. Nearpod's software tools include:

○ Content Tool - Teacher can create and curate their own interactive multimedia lessons by
uploading content in a variety of formats and by adding interactive activities such as polls,
quizzes, drawing and more.
○ Reporting Tool - Teachers access reports with student’s actual answers and activities. Reports
are available in PDF and CSV formats.
○ Admin Tool - The dedicated Nearpod Admin of your choosing can access the Nearpod back
office to manage users, share presentations, get enhanced reporting, and obtain usage statistics.
It also includes the ability to set up a Private School Library to more efficiently share content
between teachers on demand.
○ Nearpod Store – Teachers can access our store to download free and paid content from major
publishers, such as Time for Kids, Common Sense Media, Learnzillion and Read Works, as well
as other Nearpod authors (Unlimited store subscriptions are available. Please contact your
Account Executive for more information).
○ Apps - iOS, Android, Windows, Nook, Web (Nearpod can be used with any and all devices).

LHRIC Contact

Leslie AccardoLeslie Accardo
Service Coordinator